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317 Gilman Blvd Suite 43
Issaquah, WA
T (425) 391-7200

Macky's Dim Sum (Issaquah, WA)
(425) 391-7200

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Crispy Tofu  Rate/Review
Tofu lightly breaded, fried crispy, with salt and pepper.
Deep-fried Wasabi Calamari  Rate/Review
Filets lightly breaded with wasabi sauces flash fried.
Fresh Roasted BBQ Duck  Rate/Review
3/4 roasted duck with plum sauces.
Fresh Roasted BBQ Pork  Rate/Review
Fresh roasted BBQ roast pork topped with honey sauces.
Hong Kong Style Garlic Wings (5)   Rate/Review
Golden fried chicken wings with salt and pepper.
Pot Stickers (6)  Rate/Review
Vegetable and pork dumpling pan-fried golden brown and served with special sauces.
Thai Lettuce Wraps Chicken or Duck Meat  Rate/Review
Delightful diced chicken or duck, water chestnut, diced veggie sauteed with traditional sauces and served in crisp iceberg lettuce leaves.
Turnip Cake with Spicy Sauces  Rate/Review
Diced turnip cake stir-fried with special spicy sauces.
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